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Where Will All the Testers Go?
Some testers are excited about Agile becoming mainstream in software development. They are eager to learn new skills, collaborate with colleagues, and be a part of creating something cool from start-to-finish. Many of those testers are excited about learning more technical skills. For the many testers who are not interested in learning new technical skills, Agile is less enticing. They wonder what will happen to them, asking questions like: ‘How will I fit in?’, ‘Do I belong on a team anymore?’, ‘I don’t want to learn how to program, what do I do now?’.
Or, let’s consider that you can escape being ‘integrated’ into an Agile team, and just stay a tester-type person on a team with other tester-types. How we handle quality and testing on products is changing. It needs to given the exponential rise in software complexity and scale – Agile approaches or not. Across the industry people want you to become a certain flavour of tester: traditional aligning with production-based approaches, all the way to pure context-driven and exploratory testing. Some of these calls are loud. Some disagree with each other. Some strongly want you to do things the ‘right way’ – their way. It can be an unpleasant space to exist in, particularly if you don’t fit neatly into one box. What do you do now? How do you fit in?
Does any of this feel familiar to you?
I get it. I’ve been in QA and Testing roles through both types of challenges and many others. Finding how we fit in and add value can be challenging with changes to our projects, organizations, and even our industry. The root of these challenges is different than you might expect.
In this workshop Selena will guide you in a discussion and techniques to help you understand what’s really happening for you around these changes. We will generate awareness, recognize where we are resisting change, understand the resistance, and learn how to shift positively forwards into something that feels better. You will leave the workshop feeling clearer about where you will go next.


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